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RealtyWealth is a real estate investment platform that uses technology to make Net Lease and Commercial Real Estate investing simple and more affordable to smaller investors. Accredited investors can now select and make direct investments in pre-vetted institutional quality net-lease real estate assets directly on our website.

Traditionally the majority of net-lease investors have been Institutional - pension funds, insurance companies, public/private REITs including high net-worth investors and largely unaffordable to smaller accredited real estate investors. However, we are changing this by making investing simple and more affordable.

Single-tenant net lease properties generally provide a better yield than bonds, and are just about as safe and worry-free. Institutional investors’ interest in these assets continues to grow as the national economy remains shaky. Publicly traded REITs, in particular, are drawn more to single-tenant properties, as they try to attract individual investors who are also seeking yield.

Single-tenant net lease properties require little to no management on the part of the owner, and only minimal oversight. The cash flow, in most cases, is dependable. 

We provide yield-driven investors an opportunity to pool their resources and are put their money into Net Lease real estate.

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