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RealtyWealth is a real estate investment platform that uses proprietary technology to make Commercial Real Estate investing simple and more affordable to smaller investors. Accredited and International investors can now select and make direct investments in institutional quality real estate assets directly on our website.

We offer a robust ONLINE CAPITAL RAISING technology solution to any organization in the rapidly growing fintech, real estate, energy, venture capital, debt/equity and alternative investment market space, with a special focus on custom concept creation and full technology hosting and management services. 

RealtyWealth provides a secure, interactive environment and marketplace for investors and issuers to connect and exchange information about deals, from online syndication to debt and equity capital fundraising. Our technology acts as an online conduit for both borrowers seeking finance for their projects and investors looking for high-growth investment opportunities – our software can be configured for the appropriate structure and asset class.

Some of the industries / alternative investment marketspace we have identified:

• Real Estate

• FinTech

• Venture Capital

• Energy (Renewable, Oil & Gas)

• HealthTech

• Philanthropy & Charity

• Debt & Equity

• Asset Based Finance

These are typically industries that have lagged behind in terms of innovation, particularly when it comes to adopting and advancing technology. In the past capital raising has been expensive, hence the opportunity to dis-intermediate these markets. Our technology is powerful, flexible and highly configurable to any Industry and application.

We believe that technology will ultimately drive distribution in real estate and financial capital markets (making it more efficient for Investors to invest globally) and with our proprietary owned technology, are well positioned in the rapidly growing real estate and FinTech investment market space.

Looking for a technology partner for your next real estate capital raise or to discuss how our online capital raising partnership model could work for your business e.mail us or click to fill in the contact form.

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